Between Floors 400x600
Coming spring 2013

Surprise Visitor
When Chloe Wilson enters her apartment building after a long day at work, she doesn’t expect to see ex-lover Sean Harris, the man who left her six months before. She doesn’t know why he’s back, and she doesn’t care. She’s not going to open herself up to more heartbreak.

Seized Opportunity
After the way he left, Sean knows it won’t be easy to win Chloe back. When the elevator breaks down, he seizes the opportunity to talk . . . and then lets his desire do the talking.

Between Floors
The interlude in the elevator leads to a day, then two. Sean wants more than her body, and he’ll do whatever it takes to reclaim her heart.


Chloe Wilson ran to the elevator as the doors began to close. “Hold the elevator!” Missing it meant being stuck in the lobby for at least ten minutes. The superintendent should get them fixed. There were six elevators, and all of them moved slower than a bad blind date. Yesterday, the door had shut right in her face. She’d already waited for an elevator twice this week and didn’t want to do it again.

Today, luck was with her. The sliding elevator doors stopped abruptly, then jerked open. “Oh, thank you,” she said, stepping inside.

“You’re welcome.”

Oh, God. Maybe she wasn’t lucky. She knew that deep, rich voice. It almost made her get off the elevator and wait for the next one. She could take the stairs. Fifteen flights weren’t too bad. It’d only take…much too long to climb. Her calves hurt just thinking about it. Plus her stomach was doing flip-flops at the sight of him, something that wouldn’t make a trip up the stairs any easier. That left one option–staying in the elevator with the voice.

She’d heard it for the first time about a year ago, when he’d consulted at her office on a minor work project. They’d worked together only two weeks, but his voice had captivated her. She hadn’t hesitated to say yes when he asked her to dinner. Within months, she’d fallen in love. First, with the voice, then with the man it belonged to.


“Hello, Chloe.”

“Hi.” She turned to face him. He looked wonderful–tall, lean, and muscled–in worn jeans and a black T-shirt. His brown hair was longer than the last time she’d seen him. Why did she still want to melt when she looked at him? It made her want to scream in sheer frustration.

His shirt clung to his chest and abs, bringing back memories of buying him T-shirts when they’d been together. Sean collected T-shirts and had more than a dozen of them. The first time she’d bought him one, he’d grinned, put it on, and modeled it for her. Later, she’d slowly taken it off him, and they’d made love on the couch.

Now, after months of missing his smile, missing him, Sean was back.

Behind the Scenes

Between Floors started with a situation. I knew I wanted the characters to know each other before the story started, and once I realized that, it became clear that this is a reunion story. I came to care about Chloe and Sean very quickly, because I could sympathize with Chloe’s pain at being left behind and with Sean’s desire to avoid being hurt. I hope readers enjoy their story.


Here’s what people are saying about Between Floors

Between Floors is a lovely story about two people who feel attracted to each other but one of them is too stubborn to admit it. . . . It’s a short story, I regret it isn’t longer because I would have liked to read more about Chloe and Sean . . . Lia Sebastian has written an easy reading story that is relaxing and very enjoyable.

Between Floors is a very intense story packed into a few pages. It’s got intimacy, strife, love, and laughter, the perfect mix for a successful tale.
Fallen Angel Reviews

Between Floors is one of those books that you can’t stop reading once you start. Highly emotional, I had to see what was happening next. I thoroughly enjoyed Between Floors and am looking forward to reading more from Lia Sebastian.
Joyfully Reviewed 

Between Floors is well written and the story flows beautifully. The strength of the emotions experienced by Sean and Chloe brought tears to my eyes. . . . I highly recommend reading Between Floors. Not only are the characters and story well developed, the chemistry between Sean and Chloe is electric.
Two Lips Reviews 

Between Floors is a surprisingly gratifying character study. Sean is depicted in a much deeper manner than is often the case of romance heroes, and the reader benefits from that fact. Both Sean and Chloe are drawn in such a way that the reader comes to understand each almost from the inside out, and hopes they each find their dreams. The sensuality is explicit but yet romantic, and the reader will undergo Chloe and Sean’s ups and downs right beside them. Lia Sebastian has written a winner in Between Floors.
–Wild Child Publishing