I’m not sure where the time has gone, but I’m back. I’ll be making some minor changes to the website in the next few days. I’m still a bit of a TV junkie. (See my last blog entry.) These days, I’m watching Bones, Medium, The Office, and Flight of the Conchords. Good stuff.

I’m once again turning my mind to writing. Just trying to decide whether to work on a WIP or start afresh. I’ll figure it out. :)

TV Junkie

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve started watching more TV. Now, in addition to Medium, I am watching The Office, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Fringe. I’m caught up in the first two series. I’m enjoying The Office, and I like Sarah Connor Chronicles although John is frustrating me this season. (I keep wanting him to snap out of the poor-me routine.)

With Fringe, I would say I’m lost but intrigued. I have only seen three or so episodes, so I have little sense of backstory. I’m sure I’ll figure it out as I keep watching.

What are you watching this season?

The Holiday Whirl

So next week is Christmas. How did that happen? I have no clue where the time went, but now I’m caught up in the holiday whirl. The tree is up . . . OK, it’s a small tree. Very small. But it’s up and has been for a while.

Shopping seems endless—I got a late start this year. I love finding presents for people, but it’s tough to get too excited when fighting the crowds.

Tomorrow is the office Christmas party for my department. I’m looking forward to a nice, long lunch away from work. The whirl continues.

Next week, though, I look forward to getting off the whirl and just savoring quiet time with my loved ones.


I’m still alive. This has been such a strange year for me. Changes at work—some that changed back again. Changes at home. But I’m back, and I’ve been writing.

Now I need to coax my characters to start talking to me again.

Writing a Novel

I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman’s blog, and one particular entry really resonated with me. He writes:

I said to Gene Wolfe, when I finished the first draft of American Gods, that I thought I was starting to learn how to write a novel. Gene chortled, and said, “You never learn how to write a novel. You only learn how to write the novel you’re on.”

Yes. Yes. That’s so true. Sometimes the words, the storytelling, and the revision come easily. With other stories, even opening the Word document is difficult. I’m on a difficult one now. I’d love to put it behind me and switch to something else. But I’m determined to finish it and learn how to write this novella.

Quick Conference Report

I’m back home again. I loved the conference and loved San Francisco. What a wonderful city! I could have spent another few weeks there and loved every minute of it. I know I will go back–probably sooner rather than later.

One of my favorite things about the annual RWA conference is the chance I get to see online friends. It’s fabulous.

I also attended a few workshops:

  • Dialogue: Writing Between the Lines
  • Medical Facts & Fallacies in Popular Fiction
  • It’s All about Me: How to Write Successfully in First Person

I also ordered the workshops on MP-3, so I’ll be able to listen to more. I enjoy listening to them; it keeps me motivated for months after the conference. That’s always nice. There’s always so much to do at conference, so getting the MP-3 removes a lot of pressure to try and do everything.

Off I Go

I’m heading off for fun in San Francisco.

San Francisco

See you when I get back!


I have a bad news/good news scenario. Bad news: the dress I ordered has yet to arrive. Good news: I found a pantsuit I like, and it was on sale, so I’m going to wear that. I didn’t find it online, so I can’t post a picture, but it’s pretty nice.

I think the shopping is finally complete.

Getting My Extrovert On

I leave for San Francisco in a week. So I need to start gearing up to get my extrovert on. :) Last year, I wasn’t as social as I planned. I’m an introvert; what can I say? This year, though, I’m determined to get out more. I want to party.


Fellow writing introverts, how do you get in touch with your inner extrovert?

A Possibility

I might have found a dress.

Bolero Dress

I ordered it, and we’ll see how it works out. Fingers crossed. :)

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