Call to Attraction Update

I just wanted to let you know where things stand with Call to Attraction. I’ve sent it to my editor, and now I’m just waiting for her comments. I’m still planning to release it this month. Sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll be automatically notified when it’s available.

To tide you over, here’s a short excerpt featuring Peter and Sabrina.

* * *

He drove the way he did everything else—with easy confidence.

“So you really have nothing planned for the weekend?”

“Just watching the game on Saturday.”

She thought back to his answers to the get-to-know-you game. “Basketball?”

“Yep. Dancing is your thing, right?”

“Uh huh. You ever go dancing?”

“You saw my some of my best moves already in the conference room.”

It wasn’t possible to get this heated just by what he said and the way he said it. But her body said otherwise.
“Only some?”

“Oh, yeah. I’ve got more for you.”

Um, wow.

“So what else are you a fan of?”

She felt her cheeks heat. Okay, she really had to stop taking everything he said in a sexual way. “Movies, days at the spa, that sort of thing.” Nothing you’d find interesting.

He turned into the parking lot of a restaurant she’d never been before. “I’ll admit I don’t get the spa deal,” he said, once they were seated at a small table.

“It’s relaxing.” The scent of teriyaki drifted through the restaurant. She inhaled, letting the tangy aroma fill her senses. Peter sat close, his thigh resting against hers.

“I prefer being stimulated.”

Her head turned so fast she nearly pulled a muscle in her neck. “What?”

He laughed. “It’s fun to rile you up.”

She slapped the back of her hand against his biceps. “Cut it out.”

“No,” he said slowly. “I think you like it.”

Next Big Thing

I was tagged for the Next Big Thing meme by Vivienne Westlake, and I’m happy to join in the fun.

What is the working title of your book?

Call to Attraction

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I started with a scenario: two co-workers who discover that proximity makes the heart grow fonder.

What genre does your book fall under?

It’s a contemporary romance novella.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

This would be an easier question to answer if I saw movies more often. So I can’t really answer that question, but I will say that once I saw the image I chose for the cover, I knew instantly that this was Peter and Sabrina. The models capture them perfectly.

What is your short synopsis of your book?

One man. One Woman. Not your average day at the office . . .

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I’m self-publishing it. Look for it in major e-book outlets in February. I’ll post links on my book page here.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Two months.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to write a series about people who find love at the office, and this story grew from there.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Many romances feature an ultimate fantasy with characters such as supermodel heroines and millionaire heroes. While I enjoy these types of stories, I feel strongly about everyday heroes and heroines finding love. Sabrina and Peter are like a lot of us–they hold jobs, spend time with friends. They also get to fulfill a few fantasies along the way.

And now, the blurb for Call to Attraction.

Two People
What does a man do when a work project puts him in a conference room with Sabrina Moore, the sexy woman of his dreams? If the man is Peter Merrill, he’s got three choices: (1) Fantasize about her; (2) Notice how sweet she is; or (3) Find out what she’s wearing under her suit jacket . . .

One Project
The three-week rush project reveals that presence makes the attraction grow stronger. As Peter and Sabrina put their marketing skills to work, Sabrina’s thoughts run to a call to action that has nothing to do with ad campaigns and everything to do with attraction.

Call to Attraction
When they realize their desire is mutual, suit jackets aren’t the only thing to come off. But Sabrina’s keeping a secret that may interfere with their relationship . . .

Most of the authors I know have been tagged for this meme already, so I decided to give this last part a fun spin. I am listing five books I’ve recently read and enjoyed.

Restraint by Charlotte Stein
This is an amazing enemies to lovers story that’s hot, hot, hot. I love the hero—he’s so unique (and I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin it). This novella offers loads of angst and tension (in a good way). It’s more erotica than romance, but the ending will satisfy romance lovers as well.

A Marquess for Christmas by Vivienne Westlake
I had the pleasure of reading this historical erotic romance before it was published, and I loved the hero and heroine. The opening of the story was fabulous, and a key scene with the heroine and a basket stayed with me long after I finished reading. Remembering it still brings a smile to my face.

Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall
I loved this take on Alice in Wonderland. This story is a true delight both in the characters and the world of Wonderland. The fact that Hatter is wicked awesome definitely doesn’t hurt. :) It’s got some really heartrending moments as well, but the ending is lovely.

A Kiss for Midwinter by Courtney Milan
I read Milan’s historical romances over and over again. They are just that good. I especially love her unconventional characters. In the case of A Kiss for Midwinter, the hero is a doctor and the heroine a tradesman’s daughter. This story is packed with emotion and is absolutely beautiful.

A Needful Heart by J.M. Madden
In some stories, the hero just steals a small piece of your heart. This is one of those stories. Matt won me over with how much he adores Gina, and with how complex he is. Moving and beautiful are the best words to describe this contemporary romance.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Bring On the New

This has definitely been a time for new. First it was new writing; then it was new book covers. Now it’s a new look for the site! Once again I relied on the design skills of Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs. I love that it’s elegant and that it suits all the subgenres I write: contemporary, historical, paranormal. It all fits. :)

Have you joined the Free Romance Books on Kindle group at Goodreads? I posted more about it in a previous blog entry. Do check it out. These books are a great way to try new-to-you authors.

New Cover: Call to Attraction

Getting the cover is one of my favorite parts of publishing. It’s the moment when the characters come to life in a whole new way. I’ve been working with Sweet ‘n Spicy Designs on the first two covers in the Office Relations series. Here is Call to Attraction.

Call to Attraction 400x600

The story itself is scheduled for publication in February 2013. I’ll let you know the exact date as it gets closer.

This & That

It’s Black Friday today. I hope my US readers had a lovely Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful time. As for today, I’ve been doing a little shopping from home. I was not feeling brave enough to fight the crowds.

The Free Romance Books on Kindle group is really picking up steam. I have started visiting every day. I definitely recommend it, and keep in mind that many authors are offering free epub formats as well.

I have finally found the image that will be used on the cover of Call to Attraction. It does a great job of depicting Peter and Sabrina. You’ll see it as soon as the cover is finished. :)


I’ve gotten the rights back to four of my stories. I’m going to self-publish them starting in February 2013. Between now and then, you’ll be seeing some changes on the site as I get new covers and such. I’m currently rewriting Office Relations, which will get a new title as well as a new cover. (I have to admit I will miss the cover it received from Cobblestone Press; it was perfect for the story.) I’m enjoying revisiting Peter and Sabrina and fleshing out their story a bit more. (And yes, the pun is intended.)

Between Floors will come next; then I will move on to two new stories set in the same office. Look for all four in 2013.

The Game Is Afoot

Writing has pushed its way from the background to the foreground. I’m back in the writing game, though I’m not going to say too much about it until my project is a bit further along. Let’s just say the story I’m working on is a bit different. Still a romance, though. :)

I’m also reading again, and that is a genuine pleasure. I may feature a book or two here in future posts.

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