Lia Sebastian is a romance writer who by day masquerades as a corporate writer and editor. Every now and then the words threaten to overwhelm her, but she considers this an occupational hazard. She lives in the United States with her two dogs. They have real names, but their superhero monikers are Jaws and Claws. They are cute enough to overcome these appellations. Lia is a devoted advocate of cream cheese pastries, dog training (positive-style, please), and the proper use of semicolons.

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Q: Is Lia Sebastian your real name? How do you pronounce it?
A: It’s a pen name. I chose it because I wanted a last name that’s a bit less complicated than my given name, and I liked the way Lia sounded with it. It’s pronounced LEE-uh.

Q: What subgenre of romance do you write?
A: I thrive on variety. I write contemporary, historical, paranormal, and futuristic. For more information about my work, visit my Books link.

Q: Where can I find your books?
A: My books are available as e-books. Visit the Books to see what’s out now, and watch the Coming Soon section to read about upcoming books.

Q: What prompted you to start writing?
A: I began writing stories in elementary school, and I’ve been writing ever since. I wrote copious amounts of fiction in middle school and high school, then set it aside for a while to follow other pursuits. That love of fiction never faded, though. There’s little I enjoy more than being swept up in a story, and I strive to give readers that experience when they read my work.

Q: What is your average day like? How do you fit writing into your schedule?
A: Like many writers, I work full-time in addition to writing. Interestingly enough, I am a writer and editor at my day job, although not in the publishing field. On weekdays, I wake up, go to work, write or edit for eight or more hours, then come home. If I’m especially excited about a story, I’ll start working on it right away. Otherwise, I’ll eat dinner and unwind for a little while before writing. Then I write for an hour or two. On weekends, I typically write three or four hours a day.

It can be tough to balance everything, but my job pays the bills and I love writing too much to stop. I take a day off on occasion, usually when I’ve had a difficult day at work, but I spend time writing four or five days a week.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: Ideas are everywhere: news stories, TV, casual conversations. I tend to start with a situation, then the characters develop from that situation. For one story, I brainstormed situations that force people to spend a lot of time together. I came up with an idea: two people who have to work together on a work project. Once I had the situation, the hero sprang to life in my mind almost immediately. The result is Call to Attraction. I’m a big fan of playing the what-if game. I also bounce ideas around with a co-worker who enjoys writing.

Q: Do you have a favorite writing-related website?
A: Romance Divas is my favorite. This site offers a forum where writers support each other, share information, participate in writing workshops, and more.

Q: What happened to Office Relations?
A: You’ll find Peter and Sabrina’s story in Call to Attraction. When I decided to indie publish this story, one thing I considered was that many readers had said they wanted more of this couple. I knew there was a bigger story here, so I expanded it. It’s more than two times as long as it was before. Office Relations is now the name of the series about people who work in the office where Sabrina and Peter work.