I’ve been thinking about endings lately–not only because of the new year, but because I’ve been finishing Battle, my next story from Cobblestone Press. It’s part of the Vampire Chronicles series, and I’ve been immersed in Mélanie and Justin’s story for a while now.

In this case, the ending has been on paper for a while now. I had to revise it a little, expand it a little. But the ending was the easiest part for me. That isn’t always the case, but it was this time.

There’s always a thrill about writing, “The End.”

My vacation from work is ending as well.

One thing about endings is that they are followed by a new beginning. A new year, a new story. Tomorrow I’ll pick up a new story, but tonight I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve finished this one.

Hope your new year is wonderful!

Happy New Year

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